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IM Magazine is a international online magazine that aspires to show the best things in the world in order to build a better world. It strives to be an inspirational encounter with different projects, movements, world-changers, videos, blogs, and a multitude of possibilities to be explored at their website. They shed light over the so called “bright side of the world”, which unfortunately too many times stays in the shade of the public knowledge and conventional media. This way, they help build a positive agenda, but in the lines of what the SocialDesignSite tries to do with its platform.

IM Magazine is the place where one can discover a world filled with visionaries, thinkers, philanthropists, voluntaries, inventors, investors, researchers, social entrepreneurs, social innovators, projects – and social designers. Having the privilege to become a part this group of journalists and collaborators from all over the world, reporting on the most extraordinary global accomplishments, I together with Suk-Han Tang (SocialDesignSite) recently contributed with an article on social design.

It is a longer exploration than what one can find at the SocialDesignSite, covering an attempt to define the term in it’s multitude of usages, and illustrating it with some meaningful projects. Full article here.

As the IM Magazine is an initiative that was born and based in Portugal, this article exist also in a Portuguese version.

Original article by Joana Bértholo.

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